We began our research by contacting our audience through a screener survey and conducting a series of interviews to better understand how users schedule information, and the needs users have from mobile calendar apps.

Key takeaways

  • People want an easy way to see events that span multiple days in their calendar.

  • People want a clear way to distinguish different types of calendars.

  • People are often torn between different calendar apps.


Competitive Analysis

Neither Apple or Google's calendar apps feature the ability to easily visually distinguish events that span across multiple days. For example in the following images I show how an AirBnb reservation that spans a week is visualized in both calendars. In both calendars, the event is only represented as a series of individual events.



See events that span multiple days

In response to my research, I created a visual design system that allows users to clearly distinguish events that span extended durations, and colors to differentiate the type of activities. These colors are reflected across both the monthly and daily views to draw a visual connection between the two.



I designed custom icons for the "Today" and "Settings" buttons. The number in the "Today" button updates daily to the day date.


Visual design

 My color palette was chosen to ensure the app conveyed a light and playful experience, and offer a contrast to one another.