Research & analysis

Competitive Analysis

During my competitive analysis of the and Merriam-Webster apps, I found they offered similar functionality but had inconsistencies throughout their UI design. For example, both apps have a feature that to switch between the thesaurus and dictionary, but they were difficult use because the appearance and placement changes between screens.




After creating my user flow I created a wire flow that shows in detail the following features in the app.

  • Search words

  • Switch between thesaurus and dictionary

  • Share words

  • Favorite words

Click to view a PDF of the wire flow.

Click to view a PDF of the wire flow.


Visual Design and Interactive Prototype

After completing tests of the wireframes I moved on to creating high fidelity screens and interactive prototypes. To provide clarity and ease of use I embraced the sensibilities of Google Material Design.


Interactive Responses

I also created a series or custom interactive responses, such as an animation when users switch between the thesaurus and dictionary features, and a custom "favorite word" animation. To see a close up the "favorite word" animation, please refer to my interactive responses page.