Initial Release

The initial release of Flotsam was built over the course of a weekend for the Global Game Jam in 2017. It was well received by audiences and praised for it's visuals. A playable prototype for Windows and macOS can be downloaded here.


Revisiting the Design


Visual Design update

For the initial release I created a flat minimalist aesthetic that was inspired by artwork of San Rio. I've since revisited the aesthetic and incorporating depth into the scene to give in the feel of paper craft. This style was inspired from working with the Google Material Design guidelines, and was used to bring more emphasis to the foreground gameplay.


Redesigned health UI

In addition I've revisited the UI design throughout the game. I began by changing the health system of the ships so that it's represented by 3 hearts on their flag. Every time a ship is hit by a cannonball it loses one heart. When all of the hearts are gone the ship sinks.


Redesigned score UI

I then designed the scoring system to fit the new visual design and bring more emphasis to the characters


gameplay updates

I designed gameplay scenarios for additional weather settings. These would have various effects on gameplay, ranging from wind that can distort the parabolic arc of your cannon fire, to higher waves that alter cannon aiming trajectories.