We conducted a series of interviews to understand the pain points of organizing social gatherings for TV shows. We came upon the following key takeaways, which we distilled into a user persona.

Interview Key Takeaways

  • Usually organize viewing parties for major upcoming events like premieres, debates.

  • Likes to share and discuss the experience with a community in realtime.

  • Usually schedule events over text message and calendar apps a week or two in advance.


Meet our Persona, Joanna the game of thrones fanatic

Joanna is a fun, outgoing creative who keeps a busy calendar. During a Game of Thrones new season, she likes to get together with her friends watch the new episodes.

Joanna, The Game Of Thrones Fanatic


  • An easy way to invite friends to HBO viewing parties.

  • All of the information about the upcoming shows in one place.

Pain points

  • Texts friends often, which makes it difficult to keep track of information in conversations.

  • Needing to reiterate details to guests to make sure everyone is on the same page.




In response to our research we created a user flow made setting up events quick and easy.


Schedule Events for upcoming shows

We created a new "Upcoming" section which provides users with a chronological list of upcoming shows and premieres that they can create events for.


Add Event Details & Invite guests

When creating a new event users can invite friends and add event details. To streamline the process the app initially sets the title and starting time to the shows name and time of premiere. In addition, a reminder is automatically set to notify a user 30 minutes before the show begins.


Create event & view it in the Calendar

Once an event has been created, users are taken to the calendar where they can see a list of upcoming viewing parties that they are hosting and attending.


Event Details

Users can view the event details from the calendar page. This also includes updates on the status on guest invitations.


Alternate userflow

The calendar can also be reached anytime the user accesses the hamburger menu. In an alternate user flow, users can also create new events from the calendar page by tapping the + button in the upper right hand corner.


interactive prototype

After our user testing was complete I created an interactive prototype. This animation shows how a user progresses through the primary userflow.


Style Guide

I distilled a color palette from the HBO GO app. We used this throughout our feature additions so that they fit seamlessly within the HBO GO app.