Research & Analysis

Researching Travelers of all experince

I conducted interviews with travelers of varying experience to better understand how they organize their itineraries. Some of my key takeaways are that travelers

  • Forgo creating a itineraries because it takes time and effort.

  • Get overwhelmed keeping track of trip information.

  • Need access to trip at a moments notice.

  • Share their travel information with others.

  • Are frustrated and surprised by delays and interruptions.

  • Don't have internet access on their trip.


Meet our Persona, Andrea The Jetsetter

I distilled the frequent traveler key takeaways into Andrea. She is a jet setting professional who constantly travels for work.


  • A quick and easy way to create a travel itinerary.

  • Keep up with her trip and any changes or delays to her itinerary.

  • A way to coordinate her trip with friends and colleagues.

Pain Points

  • Doesn't have a lot of free time.

  • Has a lot of information to keep track of. Often loses track of travel details in her email.

  • Hates being surprised by delays.

  • Needs a way to share information with her friends and colleagues.

Ideation & Design

Quick And Easy Itinerary Creation

I designed a flow that makes creating an itinerary quick and easy. User’s can connects their email account, and we use an API to parse their emails to automatically create itineraries. Alternatively, users can email specific trips details to a unique email address connected to their travel organizer app.


Your Entire Trip In One Place

Each trip can be viewed in a clear and concise list format that. Tapping on list items allows users to enter a detail view of the list item. In addition, the itinerary automatically updates to reflect any delays that might come up.


Always Accessible

Because travelers often need trip information at a moments notice, I designed an Apple Watch companion app. The app updates to display the current step a traveler is on in their itinerary.


Easy to Share

Because travelers often share their travel information, I designed a share feature that allows for sharing single events or entire trips.


Visual design

To counteract the stress of traveling I designed a visual style that made use of colors and custom icons to create a light and welcoming experience.