Research & Analysis

Researching Travelers of all experince

We interviewed Wishpoints' existing user base, and travelers of varying experience. Our goal was to understand how travelers seek reliable travel information and document their travel experiences. 

Frequent Traveler Key Takeaways

  • Enjoy sharing travel experiences.

  • Keeping a travel blogs takes too much time.

  • Long form posts are difficult on mobile.

  • Primarily take photos on phones.

  • Upload content at their hotels, or after their trip.

  • Posting later on results in forgotten details.

  • Post with a theme (i.e. restaurants, hikes).

would-be traveler Key Takeaways

  • Use online & offline resources for travel inspiration.

  • Prefer to get travel info from friends / family.

  • Primarily seek unique travel experiences.


Meet our Persona, Brian the backpacker

We distilled out frequent traveler key takeaways into Brian, the Backpacker. Brian loves to travel for weeks at a time to get immersed in places and find unique and amazing experiences.

Pain Points

  • Blogging is unappealing because of the time investment.

  • Has difficulty remembering trip details after time has passed.

  • Long form posts are difficult to do as a mobile experience.


  • An experience he can use to create longer form posts.

  • A quick way to record travel experiences online.

  • A way to share his experiences with his network.


ideation & design

Optimizing the List Item creation user flow

Wishpoints required that each travel experience list item includes a title, category, photo, location, and description. Because time is valuable factor when posting, we optimized the flow and reduced it to 4 steps.


making post quick and easy

This flow optimization was achieved through automating steps. Since users tend to create lists around a theme, we designed a feature that adds list categories to every list item. Also, we used smartphone photo metadata to add the location information.


Responsive Design

Wishpoints needed a responsive website to make it an experience that is usable across various devices. To do this I laid out the content on card system in a series of rows and columns that are rearranged according to the device’s screen size.


interactive prototype

After finalizing our wireframes I created an interactive prototype. This animation showcases the post creation user flow.


Style Guide

I distilled a color palette from We used this throughout our responsive site so that it fit seamlessly Wishpoints' website.